Monday, September 28, 2015

Netizens: Why Are These Government Employees Suspended Only?

Netizens are showing frustration upon the news on the suspension of the personnel in NAIA who had been extorting money from travellers by placing bullets on the luggage. 
One of the victims is an American missionary named Lane Michael White from Florida, spent 6 days in jail after he refused to pay the extortion money when bullets were planted in his luggage. Then there was also this Filipina, who posted the incident in Facebook to give caution to other travellers.  Php 500 has been extorted from her to clear her pass. 

Clearly, the two incidents build a very strong case against this  NAIA personnel. The trouble it has caused these travelers, to the extent that one of his victims had to spend almost 7 days in prison- is only to cause him to be suspended from work? 
We wonder what happened to the other cases in NAIA and BOC the past few months too. 

How about those(April, 2015) six baggage handlers who stole from travelers? They were also suspended, but we did not hear anything to follow up on their case after they stole valuable items. What are the charges filed against them? How did the investigation ended?

And the Philippine Postal Corp. (Philpost) worker and a Bureau of Customs (BOC) examiner who were caught on camera taking items from the parcel. Is it only suspension and theft charges? 
Stills taken from a surveillance camera footage show Philpost employee Lovilyn de Leon and Customs examiner Omar Said opening a package and taking an item from it last Friday. Postmaster General Josie de la Cruz presented the pictures during a press conference. EDD GUMBAN
Is there no law that will hold government employees accountable for taking advantage of their position, for extorting money, and for their dishonesty. Before the Filipino people totally lose respect and trust in the government. 

Maybe it's time that they implement a much better policy or law not only among NAIA personnels, to also protect passengers, but also on all government workers. Or will they be reprimanded only to the extent by suspending them from their jobs?

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