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Elenita Casim complains at the Police Intelligence and Investigation Division of the Airport Police. Photo by Raoul Esperas
MANILA, Philippines – A returning overseas Filipino worker (OFW) got a rude welcome home when her money was stolen after undergoing x-ray screening at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4.

Elenita Casim, 39, disclosed in a complaint filed with the Police Intelligence and Investigation Division of the Airport Police Department that she arrived in the Philippines last September 23, and was on a connecting flight to General Santos City, when she accidentally left her back pack at the Terminal 4 security x-ray at around 7 p.m.

The back pack contained two years' worth of Casim's savings, electronic gadgets, her passport, tickets, and other important work documents.

Airport investigators reviewed the CCTV on the evening of September 23, and discovered the two airport security screeners were able to recover Casim's back pack, and placed it on top of the airport x-ray machine.

Casim was unable to retrieve her luggage when she returned to the airport x-ray machine, however.

Airport police investigators are now coordinating with the Office of Transport Security (OTS), the agency under the Department of Transportation and Communications that handles airport security screeners, to determine the identity of the OTS personnel involved in the disappearance of Casim's back pack.

Casim is also set to file a formal complaint at the Pasay's Prosecutor's Office on Monday morning.

Just last week, two passengers complained of being victimized by the alleged "Laglag Bala" gang, a modus operandi wherein bullets are allegedly dropped or planted into the luggage of passengers. -

Source: ABS-CBN News
Just last month, an OFW in Qatar loses money at the airport in NAIA.

OFW from Qatar loses P130K, important papers at NAIA

August 2, 2015 10:13am

OFW loses money at NAIA Terminal 4
An overseas Filipino worker from Qatar lost more than P130,000 and important documents upon his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last Wednesday.
The OFW, identified as John Michael Fabello, said he had stored the money and the important documents in a pouch placed inside his backpack.
After his arrival at NAIA, Fabello said he briefly placed the backpack in a cart while waiting to pick up his luggage from the carousel.
He only realized the pouch was gone when he arrived home and checked his backpack.
On Thursday, Fabello returned to NAIA to ask airport authorities if he could review the closed-circuit television camera footage at the carousel area for the previous day, but was told there was no recording made at the time of the incident because the camera was then under maintenance.
Fabello is now appealing for help to catch the person responsible for stealing his bag since aside from the money, he also lost important documents such as his passbook, overseas employment certificate and exit pass. Xianne Arcangel/ALG, GMA News

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