Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Female Workers To Cover Hair Or Be Fined SR1,0000

With the recent changes in Saudi Labor Law, all women working in Saudi Arabia are required to cover their hair while working. 

If caught by authorities, the worker could be fined SR 1,000 and her company or employer for SR 5,000. 

“All companies must issue clear written instructions to their female workers to cover their head while in office. Erring companies will be fined SR5,000,” the report quoted a Labor Ministry official as saying. 

The new law also stipulates that women are also no longer allowed to work at night  and any company who violates this could be fined for up to SR5,000. 

It is also required for employers/companies to provide a separate section exclusively for women to work, else violation to this could also result for a fine of SR10,000.

Image from Daily Mail

With all these changes employers are requested to issue written instructions for their female workers so they could abide the new law. 

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